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SoftballCloud and Yakkertech entered a first of it’s kind, long term partnership with Bombers Fastpitch, one of the nations largest and premiere travel softball organizations. SoftballCloud and Yakkertech will be the first companies to bring advanced in-game technology and analytics to the softball community. The partnership marks a significant milestone for both Yakkertech and SoftballCloud as they continue to expand into the softball market.

The Bombers organization has over 20 years of history developing young players to excel at the highest levels in softball. Yakkertech and SoftballCloud expand upon the Bombers mission by providing players the ability to play, obtain, and access their data through its platform and analysis reporting tools ultimately enhancing their ability to be seen by colleges. This aligns with the Bombers belief in focusing on competition at the highest level as well as utlizing data and analytics to further the development of their players.

Scott Smith, outlines the importance of this partnership for his programs,

“ What this means for Bombers Fastpitch is beyond incredible , the technology we are talking about with Yakkertech is gamechanging in so many ways. The sport has never had anything comparable to Yakkertech and to power that technology with the incredible data insight tools and applications that SoftballCloud brings is going to take our approach of player development to a whole other level. As well these tools and technology are going to shape an entirely new approach to the recruiting process that is going to give our Bomber players unbelievable resources to share with college coaches!“

Yakkertech throughout the college landscape has opened new doors for the game of softball. It now brings enhanced analysis and visualization capabilities to players, teams and coaches in a variety of ways.

The immediate focus on the partnership will be to increase and maximize player exposure. The explosion of Yakkertech at the collegiate level has now created a demand for coaches to have more information on players. “As college coaches begin using this information, they begin understanding the numbers. They understand what types of players they have and want. And which ones will most likely have success in their program. The demand we have seen in collegiate softball is unprecedented.” says Kevin Davidson, CEO of Yakkertech/SoftballCloud.

Players will not only be able to leverage the data for exposure and development. SoftballCloud’s robust platform will allow captured data to be used in ways never imagined. In-stadium fan engagement apps, broadcasting enhancements, umpiring solutions, future VR and biomechanics integrations will power the future player experience.

SoftballCloud President, Joe Sleiman, highlights the importance of the deal for the industry,”Our partnership with the Bombers accelerates our technology into the game of softball, so now we can provide data accessibility, exposure, and solutions for youth softball players nationwide. By bringing the Bombers into the mix, we lay the foundation of player identification and player tracking in softball.”

The partnership marks the first softball, program-wide deal for SoftballCloud and Yakkertech. Bombers Fastpitch, SoftballCloud and Yakkertech couldn’t be more excited for the future of softball player development and recruiting.

About Bombers Fastpitch The Bombers are a Junior Olympic Fastpitch Softball Program headquartered in New Braunfels, TX, which began competition in 2001. The Bombers provide elite softball players the opportunity to pursue collegiate scholarships and compete at the highest levels. Located in thirteen states (Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, Alabama, Colorado, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Florida, Arkansas, Minnesota, California, Oregon, Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Georgia, Virginia) the Bomber organization and its players are committed to demonstrating leadership in community involvement and professionalism. Follow the Bombers at

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